Photography & Film

Week Three


Summer Photography Challenge

Week 3 - Finding your style


This is something I wished that someone had taught me when I first started. It’s such a simple idea but the way the internet is going and as overwhelming as it can be, this can be a really helpful tool. One of the reasons why we wanted to cover this is it can help you focus on what’s important to you, what you love about the images you see on the internet and how to move forward. 

The reason why you’d do this would be to help you create a look and style all of your own. It’s to help you see the things that you love on all the images that you come across. It’s finding inspiration and giving you a path to create your own. 



The task

There is going to be a few ways of doing this but we’re going to use Pinterest for this challenge. We want you to open up Pinterest and in the search bar choose some subjects that you love, it doesn’t have to be all photography the aim is to choose things that just make you stop. 

It’s the images or artwork that you love but you don’t know why, there is just something about them that you can’t explain why. We want you to save those images on a new pinterest board, you could call your new board... erm I don’t know - summer photography challenge, for a giggle. To complete this challenge you are going to need ten images within the board. They can be a mix of photography and artwork, don’t overthink about what’s going into each board & don’t selectively think that certain images will go together. Pick the images that you have a gut feeling about, at this point you don’t have to try and work out why you’ve chosen which image.n Sometimes with Pinterest if you've used it before you can just land on your main page and scroll down and find something new that Pinterest has suggested for you, other times your going to have to search for things that you love. When we did this we search for say a photographer that we loved and then on the image that we'd saved if you scroll down it will suggest similar images. 

You’ve got your ten, now what? 

What happens now is that your going to open up that board and just look for the similarities in each of the images, if there is a big use of blue in a selection of the images or if backlighting has come up more that once ,you are looking for all the similarities that cross over. 

Because this is something we do in our mentoring sessions, if you post the link in the Facebook group under this weeks homework, myself and Jo will go though your images and let you know what we see.  Just copy the the url and paste it in the comments under the picture with the words week three homework! 

We’ll do our best to get through as many as we can. 


Here's what you need to do

  • Create a board in Pinterest and name it Summer Photography Challenge
  • Add ten images to it, either artwork or photography or both. Only add images that give you that gut feeling, you don’t know why you love them but you do. 
  • Once you’ve finished, review your ten images and look for the similarities. 

If you like post your Pinterest board url into the group under the homework image for a review from myself and Jo. Again this is something we do with the mentoring sessions that we do so we would love to help you out with this because it was like a massive pin dropping for us. 

Any questions about the task please feel free to ask within the group or via email. We’re going to do another Facebook live on Friday lunchtime so if anyone has any questions please leave them in the comment section and we’ll do our best to answer them all.