Week One


It's 1998! You are wearing your favourite boy band t-shirt with a hairstyle that can only be described as curtains. You're in love with photography and Britney Spears hasn't fallen off the wagon yet. Week One is all about composition in it's simplest form. We want you to download an app called HUJI which looks like a disposable camera from 1998. We love this app because there isn't anything complicated about it it's just a camera with a flash.


Sometimes photography can be really overwhelming with all the possibilities that modern cameras can do, so we thought we'd have a little fun and take some pictures like it's 1998!

It's not required but a while back ago we came across this app that takes away almost all the controls apart from flash. It's basically a digital version of a disposable camera from 1998. We thought it would be a good idea to just use the app because it takes away everything, including editing. You'll end up with some pretty strange light leaks.

Please feel free to use your own camera phone if it's not for you or you don't have access to it. The main thing is not to worry about any other controls and just show your composition & storytelling.
We love the camera for family snaps but in all honesty, I'd die a little if I put them in our Instagram feed.


(The App - if you have an iPhone or an Android, it's available for both and at the time of writing this is free. )

I know, it may seem a little odd and I’m sure you all just want to get on with getting all the secrets to taking amazing photographs, but we honestly do believe it’s best to start in the simplest way. So please bear with us!

Our lives are so full of so many different options, let’s take some out of the equation and just concentrate on ONE thing at ONCE.



Composition is the learning aim of the game this week. The app adds in some really interesting filters and light leaks so that’s all taken care of for you. (whether you like it or not)
So forget about everything else for this week, let your mind rest for a bit and we just want you to think about your composition & storytelling. In layman terms, in case it’s new to you, it means where your subject is placed in relation to the frame you are photographing within.

There are lots of different ways you can look at this but try by starting wide so you're telling the story of the scene & showing the surroundings. Then move in a bit closer so you're still documenting the subject, after that move in for a mid shot which is the top half of the subject. Can you see where we're going... Move into the close-up. This is the way we always start when we're shooting portraits, it just helps you see more.

Composition means you need to MOVE YOUR BODY around your subject to find different and more appealing viewpoints of your subject. This element is so very crucial to creating a photograph with interest you will be surprised.

Forget the ways you THINK you SHOULD be shooting and go back to the basics and think about the angle you want people to view your subject. What story are you telling by photographing in this way? Are you watching someone running into the woods and you want to capture the vast landscape? or is your subject sitting on a table, beautifully presented and you’d like people to connect with what you are doing there? A lot of the story you are telling and the information you are giving is all in the composition.



So for the challenge, we would like you to take THREE photographs. Yes, just three.
You can use the HUJI app or a phone camera of your choice. Pick a subject, a person, a cup of tea, a place, and then concentre on your composition and what you're trying to say, what are you wanting to let the viewing know?

Post your images in the facebook group by next Wednesday and if you have any questions we'll be available in the facebook group every day. If you don't feel comfortable messaging in the group you can always message us on email 

So get yourself into that lovely 1998 safe place where your options were more about which friends episode was on next and Shania Twain was happy singing “Man, I feel like a woman”