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Week Four


Summer Photography Challenge

Week 4 - The Edit


Hello and welcome to our last week together! Thanks so much for your involvement over the past weeks, it’s been a real pleasure to get to know you all a little bit more through your photo’s and also to see you bond as a group and help each other out! 

We set up this challenge to really try to give people a starting block, so that you can move forwards with your passion for photography. I’m guessing for some, you may not feel as though you are completely confident yet, but it will come, just keep practicing, keep the passion and keep asking questions!

This weeks challenge is all about the final element of taking pictures - editing. Feels as though it’s a natural flow through to the last week and where we really hope to help you to realise your style and lead you on the way to taking photographs you not only feel happier with, but also images which you know you can improve on in edit and create a cohesive style with. 

Now i’ve stopped going on, I’ll get to it. 

Editing for James has ALWAYS, ALWAYS been a favourite pass time. If you asked him in the middle of a Wedding edit, when his eyes are closing at his desk, he may disagree, but on the whole he’s always been super excited about creating in this way.

If I told you when we photographed, that we had our final edit in our heads already, would that surprise you? As we’ve progressed, the way in which we SHOOT now runs hand in hand with how we want the image to look post processing. 

I guess a lot of people use editing to ‘save’ a picture, if it’s over exposed or a little under exposed, there’s always a change you can rectify it with an edit. It’s super useful for that, but that’s not really why we love it. 

EDITING for us can be what makes our work stand alone and have it’s own cohesive story. It makes the difference between a black and white image that you notice and one that pulls at your heart and MAKES you notice it. You actually feel something when you see it. Often we use editing to help ramp up the emotion of a moment, but it can totally work for you in a different way if you like. 





So this week we’re going to ask you to to pick one or two of your images from your Pinterest board that you've created, and try and re create that images' editing style. You'll be surprised how close you can get it, but the only thing that might hinder you is that some images will have been shot in different light to yours so they might turn out a little differently, but only a little. 

Post your images under the week 4 homework image as per last week and let us know what you thought. 


There will be a facebook live tomorrow the 23rd that will probably be a bit longer than normal as there is a lot to cover. We'll go over how we edit a session and how we use the software and then go through using different elements to edit to help you create your look. Have a go at the challenge and if you have any questions, we'll pop a thread in today for you to ask any questions before we talk on the live, that way we can try to cover anything that you may struggle with. 

This challenge is designed to help you be able to look at different images that you love and create your own look. 


A little thank you

We've been a bit overwhelmed by all that have taken part in the group and those of you that have joined, but haven't always had the time to post. So thank you for being part of this journey and please do stay in touch. We would absolutely love it if you wanted to continue your journey and make it more tailor made for you. If you feel as though you need further help and more one to one support, we can help work with you to push your photography forward. As a member of the Summer Photography Challenge, if you sign up to our Mentoring we will give you an extra session at no additional cost for being part of the challenge. You'll also be added to our main facebook group to continue your support.