hello and thanks for enquiring about a portrait session, below we've got some information about the price and how everything works but before you quickly scroll down I wanted to tell you how this all came about and how we've completely fallen in love with this. Over the last 6 years or so we've photographed lots of different areas of photography, weddings mostly but fashion & editorial work, some commercial and product photography as well as families. But the one thing that has stayed true in all of that has been portraits and the love for them. We've decided pretty early on if we're going to do this that we're going to do it our way, we want to give something unique, classic and honest, we want to show you in the best possible light right now in your life. 

On this page I've tried to cover everything and answer most questions that we've been asked in the past from the cost of the shoot to what's a good to wear?  If there is anything else please get in touch and we'll do our best to answer you as soon as possible. 



With what to wear we always say that comfort is one of the most important things, because if your comfortable then your going to look more like you want. I've added a couple of examples below but we've made a Pinterest board with some more examples to help guide you. The main thing is comfort the 2nd thing is no big brand labels as they tend to date the images and distract from, well you! We tend to go for more neutral earthy colours, so greens, browns, greys, whites and blacks. If you get stuck you can always bring a couple of choices on the day and we can see what works best on camera. 

Are the images edited? 

Yes they are, so many people know the term photoshopped these days and basically yes your images will be photoshopped but I don't want to make like you've lip filler. The main thing is that you look like you, yes there are all things we'd like to change but the reality of it is that with the light you will look beautiful. The majority of the images are going to be shot in black and white but if you'd like to see any of them in colour just let me know. 



WHAT t hey get

it's about an hour

it's individual images not grouped.

fully retouched images 

Online gallery

10 images are included, anything more than that is £10 per image. - to cheap?