Thanks for booking a Family shoot!

So what happens next? 




Choosing a date (and the weather)

Your shoot doesn’t have to be weather dependant, we can always shoot in your home, where everyone is familiar with the surroundings. Although you will notice from our site that we do like to go outdoors if we can too, just to have some free time and no restrictions. The kids seem to like this too! We will keep an eye on the weather coming up to the date you have booked with us and agree nearer the date, which day looks best. 



We do like keep our eyes out for good locations outside, it may be somewhere we know already or perhaps a place nearby that you know and love. We're happy to go with the flow. Just as long as the location isn't too full of people (such as a public park) mainly as it's just good to allow you to be yourselves without everyone watching! 


What to wear? 

It's always great to see you wear something that you're most comfortable and feel your best in, so that's all we ask for. Our shoots are more organic and natural so if it's possible to choose natural colours, anything like, cream, green, grey, blue, rust, white, beige or anything neutral, all works really well. We do ask that no logo's, words or branded clothes are worn, just as it takes the emphasis away from your lovely faces! Boots or outdoor shoes are always a good choice for getting where we need to go too!