Thanks for booking a Wild and free shoot. 

 So what happens now? 



Keeping our date

Keeping an eye on the weather coming up to the date is important to us, just to make sure it will work with the style of shoot you have in mind. At that point we will keep in touch with you to make a final decision on the shoot. It doesn’t have to be weather dependant, we can always shoot indoors, but if you have chosen one of our Dirty paws shoots, we just need to check you’re ok outdoors on a rainy day.


What to wear? 

We hope that you can see there’s a concept behind these images.  Your children are best to be free of any restraints or any worries about what to wear. That’s not the point really. 

We just ask for simple clothes to be worn, a white vest or t shirt and shorts, jeans, skirts. Something old if that saves mucking up something new. Also no logo’s or fancy things please, just so that we can focus on their movement and skin. It’s important to us that we shoot your kids as they are, in their most raw state. 

It makes sense to start with a coat and boots/wellies as we usually need a short walk first but these can be removed as the shoot gets going and put back on for warmth in between!




Where will we go? 

Location scouting is part of our job and we have quite a few places in our minds to go,  but we’re happy to adventure into locations you know and love. 

Usually we come along to meet you, say hello and make friends. Kids are not daft and certainly won’t just perform for anyone, so it matters to make them comfortable, and you too of course.


What then? 


After the shoot we will edit your images and upload them to a personal gallery for you to view. An email will be sent to let you know they are ready and you can enjoy a viewing in the comfort of your own home on your computer or laptop. It’s a simple link with a password and the gallery is all yours to browse through and study. 


From this point you can get in touch if you would like an prints or frames, we’d love to know what you think and how we can help create great artwork for your walls!