Lost in the light

Online Class

Course Starts 22nd October 2018

Have you ever wished your camera could see the image that was in your mind? Felt frustrated and disheartened by the images you’re creating, knowing that you could do so much more?

You’re not alone 

Owning any kind of camera can be a minefield. Add in all the inspirational Instagram accounts, youtube tutorials and styles of photography out there and it can all be bit mind blowing. Somedays it feels almost like there’s some secret photography code that you just can’t find out. It can seem so technical, with stacks of expensive gear, secret rules, acronyms and terms and.... the list goes on. 



Lost in the light

LOST IN THE LIGHT: is a photography course for people who see the magic for their brand but feel like they need more specific guidance and some getting to the heart of it skills, to finally get to grips with their photography know how and creativity.


This online class puts the creativity and heart back at the centre of your photography. In this class we make photography easier to understand, more accessible and give you the skills and confidence to create the images you see in your mind. With our help, you can find the joy in photography again, stop stressing about what your camera is doing, and allow yourself to get lost in creating visuals. This is where the magic really happens for us.

You’ll share your journey with likeminded others and benefit from professional support and guidance from us both, and our combined decade of photography experience. Everything we do is full of honesty and heart. We’re committed to creating a space for you to really find your own creative style and understand how best to use it to increase your visibility. We aim to do all of this with genuine support, guidance and the added bonus of a likeminded community.

Whether you would like to better document your own lifestyle or to take stronger images for your blog, brand or business, this class will show you how.

This course is crafted to give you

  • Confidence - in your camera, its settings, and yourself 

  • Strength - to find your own personal style and stick to it

  • Clarity- to see the elements that really make a difference - and know what to ignore 

  • Time - to leave you free to create 

  • Consideration - of everyone’s different ways of learning and creating



What you will get

  • Professional advice and friendly ‘ask us all the daft questions’ support from both James and Jo.

  • Challenges, tasks and mind opening questions to allow you space to find your true creative style and enable you to establish it.

  • Lots of helpful tips throughout to help strengthen your imagery and find out when is best to post and how to create a cohesive portfolio.

  • Two live Q&A sessions where you can ask any pressing questions for us to answer honestly and from experience.

  • Access to our members-only Facebook group where you can chat to other likeminded people, feel inspired and allow us to support you together as a community.

  • A years access to all the course materials, so that you can complete in your own time.


What you will learn

  • How to use simple techniques to find your own personal photography style and stay strong to your aesthetic.

  • How to navigate through all the complicated camera skills and find an easy way to shoot so that you can be free to create.

  • Pro tips and advice for eye catching/draw you in kind of composition and storytelling.

  • Learn how to work with that magical light, and make it work for you. 

  • Open your eyes wide to the vast realm of photographic opportunities around you.

  • Simple ways to use a range of editing programs to enhance and create feeling within your work.


This is for you if

  • You’re building a brand and need the know how to create your own captivating images.

  • You feel like you’ve got “all the gear but no idea” 

  • You’ve hit a stalling point in your photography journey and need to breathe fresh life into your work

  • You like learning as part of a creative and dynamic group

  • You’re ready to take your creativity to the next level 


Five modules of lessons, challenges, advice and strategies


Week one - Finding your own style

Use our tried and tested techniques to really dig deep into finding exactly the style of photography that appeals to you, and that you would just LOVE to know how to shoot. Explore the different nuances and open your mind up to ways of shooting along with us.

Week two - Shooting with feeling

Making the change from automatic camera settings to manual and learn how to create images in your own personal style. We’ll work along with you to strengthen your creative vision and help you to understand your camera in a more simple way.

Week three - Composition and story telling

Go on a journey with us to see how we weave stories into photography. Learn how to shoot from different aspects and understand how they all work together to create a body of work which draws in your audience. In this module we will also cover how to create a cohesive story for social media and share with you ways to draw in your audience using different types of content.

Week four -Finding the light

Working with light for more powerful images. Learn how to make the most of any situation and all the fun things in between. Beautiful backlight, golden hour, limited light, contrasting and full sun. There are lots of ways to make light into something beautiful rather than it be a barrier to your creativity.

Week five - Creating your editing style

Finally learn how to use an editing suit such as lightroom to find and create a colour and black and white preset that is personal to you. We can also show you ways of tweaking your images for different light situations and add a new feel to your images. Something that is unique to you. 


Course starts on October 22nd 2018