The best apps for a Photographer

Because we’re in the photography world, I sometimes just assume that everyone is using the same apps for photography as us, and to be honest it is a little guilty pleasure of mine to find something new. These are some of the apps that we love and are using all the time. If you have any recommendations of any others please share in the comments. Hopefully there is something here that you didn’t know and you fall in love with, well not actually fall in love with because it’s an app but maybe make your life a little easier.

  1. Vsco - It makes editing so easy and we love it for the picture layout and for the longest time used it instead of planoly (instagram planning app). A lot of people that we know will have their favourite preset that they love and use exclusively for their Instagram to get their look. If you do have it or are going to try it then our personal favourite is M5

  2. Bloglovin - helps us have access to lots of different kinds of content. When you’re looking for inspiration it doesn’t always help to be looking at the same genre, so we try to follow varied blogs covering different subjects.

  3. Instagram - Where do I start with this one? Instagram has become our go to for immediate social media marketing and for building our presence and working for our audience. Here we can find likeminded people, offer support and create a community.

  4. Flipboard - Another great place to read reviews on gear, find inspirational pieces about photography related things and also non photography life related things. Always find something on there to spark a thought.

  5. Adobe Spark - Speaking of a spark.. Adobe Spark is fast becoming one of our favourite tools for quick and easy design work on the go. We can add titles to blog posts for Pinterest, make banners for facebook and branded graphics for our course. It’s Awesome!

  6. Google Photos - We use this app on a daily basis. Often saving edited high resolution images into folders so that we have easy access to use them in blog posts and social media.

  7. Tailwind - Is a newby app in our toolkit but certainly not one to be missed. We only started to really get to grips with pinterest marketing in January of 2019 and this app has changed everything. Makes finding and adding all of your best and relevant content an absolute breeze and their automated scheduling means I can often create a weeks worth of pins in an hour or less.

  8. Lightroom - Another app we couldn’t do our job without. Over the years we’ve used a bit of Photoshop on top of Lightroom but on the whole, It’s where we can quickly add our presets, do small adjustments and save in to folders on our desktops and google drive. Lightroom mobile came into it’s own in 2018 when we started to use our preset on our everyday pictures too and also share how we do ‘quick edits’ on the go in instagram stories.

  9. Planoly - Where would we be with the app that arranges all of our images into a cohesive story? We’ve tried a few others in the past five years but it’s Planoly that has stuck. We use it daily to upload images and arrange them into an order than not only helps us to tell the kind of stories we want to share, but also help our instagram account to look as conhesive as possible.

  10. Audible - for inspiration and information while we navigate our busy lives, audible has been so so good. James has always found it difficult to read long paragraphs in books with his dyslexia so to be able to listen for long periods of time and absorb all that wonderful information is brilliant

  11. Blogstomp - This one’s an old app in our collection but we’ve been using it since we started our websites. Blogstomp allows you to bring in large photography files and resize them to exactly the size you need for your website or social media. A little tip for using it - Upload your photo’s into a folder on your desktop, make a selection from there of the story you want to tell in around 15 photographs, upload those to blogstomp and see the story come to life.

    Even if there’s just one or two here that you haven’t tried before, you could find something that will change the way you work and make life easier. Please do feel free to share anything that you know helps you in your day to day!

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