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Don’t know about you, but I’ve grown up watching films and I still love them as much as now as I did then! It’s one of the ways to get lost these days. Since Margot has been born we’ve only been to the cinema once in two years, and when we did go, oh my god it was marvellous! We went to watch the Greatest Showman, ok so it’s not something I would usually run towards, but Ash and Logan wanted to see it as well as Jo! 


We all went, popcorn, chocolate, minus a toddler and it was amazing! The boys loved it and I’m pretty sure there might have been the odd tear in Jo’s eye. I’d forgotten what an experience it is to sit there and be immersed in all the sound and not have anything to do anything. Looking forward to our next visit, hopefully sooner. 


One of the things that I noticed while there, that’s become second nature to most photographers that I know, is composition. We all lean towards one style. When I started out it was all about the rule of thirds, I’m sure you’ve heard the term before. If you haven’t, it’s basically when you put your subject in a third of the image. I always tended to lean towards bottom left / right and have the subject facing to the open side to give the viewer a certain feeling of openness. 





My favourite composition of all though is one that I discovered a little later on when watching the tree of life by Terrance Malick, the cinematography was by Emmanuel Lubezki, it blew me away and still to this day is one of my favourite films. If you haven’t seen it, you should! It’s such a beautiful film, it’s a little longer than most at 3 hours, but if you love a wide angle, man this is the film for you. 


Here’s the trailer. 


The composition is something else, and it’s that super wide shot with a single subject or a couple in the middle with lots of negative space around them. 





Which films are you drawn to for their composition? Oh and check out Wes Anderson, he’s also a master of this! 


Making creative photography more affordable. Our new prices made simple

We've had a little update of all the kinds of photography we offer recently, which incase you weren't entirely sure are Weddings, (we still have space for a few more this year so do get in touch!) Studio portraits, Family/Wild and free shoots and also our Commercial work. 

We've really simplified our products and wanted our work to be more accessible for anyone who would like it. Simple packages, no complicated extra fees with room extra if you would like them later.

If you've thought about having us photograph for you, in which ever way is best, do hop on over to our Weddings and Booking info pages to find out how easy it is to come along and have a shoot with us. 

Here's beautiful Laura and Dan's wedding at East Riddelsden Hall a few weeks ago. 

What a wonderful way to start the spring! 

Blincoe Portraits

Another in our Portrait series is the Blincoe's. 

We photographed Henry and Bea late on last year, you may remember when I posted pictures of their older brother Archie.

I LOVE these, every one of them. 

So honest, so true. 


Melia Portraits

'So we went back to the beginning, it was a place we knew well, the days when we just wanted to take photographs all day and feel excited to share and wholly responsible for what we were shooting. The days when every penny we made was a huge victory and nothing was taken for granted. Because we NEEDED to go there. It wasn't necessarily a choice, you know?  From this came a background, a single light and a simple way of shooting portraits. When we stripped back our reasons for taking pictures, it became clear that we wanted to capture more people, more personalities and more soul. Turns out shooting with lights doesn't have to be the scary ass thing it's made out to be. It felt raw and real and right. 

Here's are some of our very favourite's.. the one's that made our skin tingle, the one's that changed us.' 

It's not always the easiest place to start from, when you feel you NEED to create something, what ever that reason may be. It took a fair amount of searching and research, trial and error to get here with these. Some days it worked, others there was something missing and we  had to just keep going with it. But what we've found was so very special. We found a connection in these photographs like no other. For me, these images of the people I know so well, make my head spin. They are so true to the core of us, you can almost read our faces and they could tell you a thousand stories. 

We really hope that you like them too!

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